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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Elvis's Week

On Tuesday night the mosquitoes were out with a vengeance after a massive rainstorm! Elvis loves to dig and it doesn't help he rides low to the ground. They got him good!

 About 12 mg of children's benadryl over a couple of hours & he returned to somewhat normal.
It wasn't funny (but it was), because we felt for him. We knew he had to have been miserable!

Now we laugh hysterically!
(we tried being a little more sensitive the night of)

Then on Thursday night...

Another massive rainstorm hit & this puppy who "HATES" getting wet, didn't want to come in because he was digging and digging and digging!

OH! Now he hates the water, when he has to get a bath because he was literally dripping with mud.

See having dogs is like having children!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

37 weeks

How did the time go by this quickly?

My 36 week appointment was wonderful. Everything was perfect & that's all I can ask for. 

As of now my due date is 2 weeks away (but I know that doesn't really mean anything). I have worries and excitement all rolled up into a ball. Simply, I'm thankful to Heavenly Father that this pregnancy has been an uncomplicated one, our daughter is healthy, we have supportive family & friends on Guam.  It's truly been all that we could ask for.

On Monday I have my next appointment. I'm excited to hear what the doctor says to see if  I've progressed anymore since my last visit. I hope Heavenly Father continues to watch over us as we near the big day.

Happy 4th of July

Naval Base Guam hosted a Freedom Festival to celebrate this Grand Holiday. The event was kicked off with a parachute jumper (courtesy of Aaron's command) as the National Anthem was sung.

This man with his water buffalo (or Carabao as they're called on Guam) and 2 dogs is kind of a celebrity here and he walked in the parade with the Carabao adorned in flowers.
Everyday he walks alongside Marine Corps. Dr (the main "highway" on Guam) while these 2 dogs are sitting on top. He's always a big hit!
Welcome to Navy Blvd!

A submarine replica one of the boats made & drove through the parade.

Here's us at the Festival. The weather was gloomy & rainy, but for us that's a nice change!

Monday, June 20, 2011

I had the car seat out recently and Max became a little curious. I scooped him up, placed him in it, and funnily enough he didn't budge!

In fact, he looks rather cozy here doesn't he? 

The joke at our house has been Max will have the hardest time adjusting. I think these flags are letting us know Max loves being the baby & isn't ready to give it up!

The Boys

I've been informed when baby girl gets here it will be Girls vs. Boys. How they seem to forget though I've been outnumbered for the past 2 1/2 years?
(I'm sure it'll change though once they get a look at how cute she is-I'm talking about the dogs here)

Aaron's EXW Pinning

Aaron being pinned by his Chief

Aaron with the Executive Officer

Medical Team

Last week was a great week for Aaron! He received the Expeditionary Warfare Pin for his command. It's a 2 part exam, written & oral. He only had about a week & a half to study (some guys had much more time). The exam covers various information specific to his command. Anywhere from administrative to guns to radios. The oral part took about 3 hours to complete. Very intensive stuff he's got to know, but I was fully confident he'd ace it!  His girls are very proud I must say!


32 Weeks

Ok, I think I want to stop growing now!

My 32 week appointment went well. Heartbeat is still in 140s, kicking, stretching, rolling around like a busy bee, and head down, eek! I asked the doctor how big she thinks she is, after feeling around on my tummy a bit her guess was about 3 1/2 pounds now! Our bug is getting big & strong!
 All kinds of emotions are sinking in now because everyday it feels more real. I can't believe we're going to be parents soon!

Our little Island Baby

Earlier this month, Mary& Norma hosted my second baby shower. They surprised me with the theme of "Island Baby" Cute, right? I'd been thinking I wanted pregnancy pictures taken,with a few at the beach, since she'll be our island baby. They nailed this one on the head! It was a fun shower and I felt the love a 1000x over again for this one!

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I didn't have enough text space to tell you what the surprise was.  Mary had the guests write Motherly advice for me, which I knew. What I didn't know was she contacted my mother, grandmothers, and aunts so that they could be apart of the day and send words of advice as well. ( A flood of emotions hit that shocked me and so I hid my face because I started crying ) I loved it all and couldn't believe how special Norma & Mary made this day! Love to them both!